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Vince Brown: News

What it takes to be a working musician. - March 9, 2011

Jason Parker wrote this great article about the "musical middle class" detailing what it really means to be a working musician. If such is your aspiration, you should definitely give it a read!


The Greta Jane Quartet voted Best Jazz Band in the South Sound - March 9, 2011

The Greta Jane Quartet was recently voted best jazz band in the South Sound by in The Weekly Volcano's Readers Poll! Come on down to The Royal, 311 Capital Way in Olympia at 9:30 on a Monday night to see what all the fuss is about!

Red & Ruby Coming Out Party! - March 30, 2007

A big thank you to everybody who made Red & Ruby's Olympia debut at Plenty such a smashing success! And our apologies to everyone who wanted to get in but couldn't. Next time we promise a bigger venue!

RBTS win The Nortwest String Summit Band Competition! - August 26, 2006

Exciting news! Red Brown & the Tune Stranglers, along with our good friends The Flat Mountain Girls, won the 2006 Northwest String Summit Band Competition! It was a first for the String Summit judges to award 1st pace to two bands and we couldnt be more proud than to share the winners circle with The Flat Mountain Girls. Look for upcoming shows together to celebrate our win at String Summit!

LaVon Hardison - May 4, 2006

Had a lovely time at Traditions today as one of my favorite vocalists - LaVon Hardison - stopped by to sing a few tunes. What an amazing performer! There's a link to LaVon's calendar on my links page. I highly encourage you to go hear her sing - you won't be dissapointed.

Tommy Russell - May 2, 2006

A big thank you to Tommy Russell, clarintetist extroidinare who joined The Tune Stranglers on stage last night. Not only was his horn playing out of this world, but his "scat" impersonation of Dick Cheny during Beautiful Texas was not to be missed!

Capital City Guitars - April 30, 2006

My good friends at Capital City Guitars invited Red Brown & the Tune Stranglers to come play their stage last night for the post Procession of the Species Arts Walk madness. Had a great time bringing the Tune Strangler's corn out of doors to the streets of Olympia. Thanks Bob and everyone else at Capital City Guitars!

Bellingham! - April 27, 2006

Had a great time playing swing tunes with Dave Lewis at the Roeder Home in Bellingham, Washington! It's a historic home that features weekly concerts in a lovely room that's just perfect for acoustic shows. We had more fun than folks should rightly have. Can't wait to do it again!

CD Release Party! - April 23, 2006

Thanks everyone for joining Eliza and I at our CD release party at Traditions! It was a packed show and a very attentive crowd. In addition to Eliza's marvelous fiddling; Tommy Russell wowed everyone on Clarinet; Rich Sikorski lent his uke and vocal talents; Skuff Acuff kept steady time on the washboard and a smile on everyone's face; and Ben Bonham was his lovely entertaining self on steel. We had a great time! Thanks for coming (and purchasing so many CDs!)

CD Release Party! - April 3, 2006

Eliza Welch & Vince Brown
CD Release Party!

Date: Saturday, April 22nd
Location: Traditions Cafe, 300 5th Ave, Olympia, WA
Reservation & Ticket Information: (360) 705-2819.

Saturday, April 22nd, Traditions Café, in Olympia, WA, will host Eliza Welch & Vince Brown’s CD release party for their brand new CD “Eliza & Vince Play Variety Music”. The CD features the swing and old-time fiddle and vocal styling’s of Eliza Welch, fiddler with Red Brown and the Tune Stranglers and The Citizen Band, and guitarist and banjo player Vince Brown, guitar player with Red Brown & the Tune Stranglers and former guitarist with the Gypsy Swing Band Hot Club Sandwich.

The CD and concert will also feature guest musicians Tommy Russell on horns (of Obrador fame), Ben Bonham on Hawaiian style reso guitar, and Tune Stranglers alumni Rich Sikorski on vocals & ukulele and Skuff Acuff playing the washboard.

The CD and show will feature a mix of small combo style music from the 30’s. It includes Swing, Old-Timey, Hawaiian, Gypsy Jazz, and early country and pays homage to famous violin/guitar duos of the 30s like The Farr Brothers, Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang, and Django Reinhardt & Stephan Grappelli.

It promises to be an entertaining evening for everyone interested in great music and good times.

Jere Canote is a funny guy! - March 17, 2006

Well, you all know he's a funny guy and a talented musician, but Mr. Canote demonstrated his eye for fasion as well when, after emceeing the Tune Stranglers show at Wintergrass, he took it upon himself to send the Tune Stranglers a box of vintage ties! Point well taken Jere!

New Weekly at Cielo Blu - February 27, 2006

I’d like to invite everyone to join Eliza and me every Thursday night from 6:30 to 8:30 at Cielo Blu, at 514 Capitol Way S. in Olympia. It’s a fine new restaurant run by the folks who previously brought you Capitale. I hear the Mojitos are great! If you come, please let them know you came for the music as that’s how we are getting paid. Hope to see you there!

Wintergrass - the aftermath... - February 26, 2006

Wintergrass was a blast! Played Friday & Saturday with the Tune Stranglers to wonderful crowds of bluegrass enthusiasts who were willing to put up with some western swing. The dance floor was crowded with kids and adults – a treat for us as we seldom play all ages venues. The Canotes emceed the show and were as entertaining as ever – funny, endearing and marvelous musicians to boot.

As well as lots of old musical friends I made a few new ones – particularly two bands “Sweet Sunny South” & “The Wilders”. You’ll find connections to both bands websites on my links page. Sweet Sunny South is an Old Timey band out of Colorado that really knows how to swing. They may be back out our way this summer – their may even be some shows with Red Brown & the Tune Stranglers. Stay tuned.

The Wilders – they take the best of country, bluegrass, old-timey and - dare I say it – rock & roll – and play good-time Honky Tonk music like it was meant to be played. This is music the way it was in the 50s juke joints when everything got rollin’ just right. I didn’t drink a drop Saturday night, but dancing to the Wilders made me feel like I was drunk enough to fall down and regret the morning. If they play anywhere near you you’d be a fool not to cancel all your life’s commitments and go. Just go. Nothing will matter after a night with the Wilders.

Wintergrass!!!!! - February 23, 2006

Just back from a week on Orcas Island and looking forward to WIntergrass this weekend at the Tacoma Sheraton in Tacoma, Washington! If you haven't been - you should really check it out. Great bands and good jams at every turn. You never know what to expect at Wintergrass. Several years back I was waiting for an elevator and when the doors opened I was confronted with a bluegrass quintet jamming away inside the elevator. Who should be playing mandolin? Bill Monroe! I kid you not! Needless to say I managed to squeeze in for a ride to the 5th floor. It sure wasn't elevator music!I This year is a special treat for me as I'll be playing with Red Brown & the Tune Stranglers Friday and Saturday nights. Hope to see you there!

Jakob & Yusef - February 16, 2006

Ran into Jakob Breitbach and his django guitar playing buddy Yusef tonight after playing at Plenty with Eliza. They talked me into, (well they didn't exactly have to twist my arm), joining them onstage at the Iron Rabbit later in the evening for a couple swing tunes. Great players both; if you get the opportunity you should check them out!

Fire at Traditions - February 11, 2006

There was an electrical fire at Traditions which means the cafe will be closed for at least three weeks. Jim and Nicole have invited Eliza and me to move our weekly Thursday afternoon performances to Plenty - so until further notice, you will find us at Plenty on Thursdays from 4 to 6 - but please do stop by Traditions as they will be struggling to keep the retail store open and profitable until the electrical problems are fixed.

Eliza & Vince Play Variety Music - February 10, 2006

My favorite fiddler, Eliza Welch and I got together at David Lange's studio with a few friends to record this CD due out in early spring. A CD release party is planned on April 22nd at Traditions in Olympia, Washington.

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