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Vince Brown: Guestbook

steve larson

September 15, 2011

Heard you play tonight at The Spar. Good stuff.

Play anywhere else around town?

How about with the gypsy jazz group?

I used to listen to a g.j. group back in Minneapolis - 2 guitars, bass and very hot fiddle played by a skinny, long-haired Scandinavian . . . Gary . . . Erickson, or Olsen.

Terry Liberty

March 2, 2011

"Vince has such a huge repertoire and he plays it all with life and sophistication. Tunes like A Foggy Day in London Town, Black Orpheus, Solitude, Blue Monk, My Romance, I love Paris, I Get a Kick Out of You flowed out of his guitar with seemingly little effort. It's a treat to hear someone who really knows how to make music solo. Vince is an inspiration to all us student players, showing what's possible. Thanks!!"

Cousin Mary Ann

February 19, 2011

Hello Vince,
Congrats to you for performing with Cousin Greta Jane. We want her back home on the East Coast.


January 5, 2009

A great resource - many thanks!

Kevin Gregory McManus

December 30, 2008

Howdy Mr. Brown!

Just stopped by and I wanted to say that I'm impressed with your gigging self...damn you got a lot of stuff going on. I'm gonna keep up with it. See you on Wednesday.


November 30, 2008

Hi Vince,
Saw your performance at Harlequin on Friday night and was impressed with your work. I lost track of the dialogue 'cause I was too busy watching you handle that guitar (and banjo).

Was also interested to learn of your association with Red Brown and the Tune Stranglers, among others.

Reading information on your website was most interesting and I am almost certain our paths will cross someday. I am founder of a group in town called Entertainment Explosion. Too much detail to go into at this juncture but, suffice it to say, we could really use a critique from someone as knowledgable as you seem to be.

If this is something you might consider, please contact me at my personal e-mail or at

Thanks so much.



September 28, 2008

Fantastic work!

Liz Klute

June 19, 2006

Long time!!
I heard you on the radio yesterday, a station out of Cupertino played a bunch of your songs. I had no idea it was you until the end. Great stuff!!! So good to see you living the dream. I have such great memories of hanging out with you. I live in Oakland, CA. Been playing mandolin in a Brazilian Choro ensemble. My heart's still in the old time swing and country.
Much love to you,

Carole Hall

February 14, 2006

Hope this email finds you doing well. Things here at NJP are busy but so good. NJP is the best. Take care. Lots going on in my life. New grandbaby of all things. She is wonderful and a wedding in August. Take care. Carole


February 13, 2006

just checked out your website - nice! Dinnnen and I have been wondering what you've been up to lately -- obviously, righteous musical endeavors! -- right on!
Hope to catch one of your performaces before too long- wish you'd come back to the Red Hen!~
Take care, keep the faith - Sophia


February 13, 2006

Excellent site, sir!


February 13, 2006

Great site! good flow love the samples.

Hear you soon,

ps how's the sax goin'?

Shannon Ford

February 13, 2006

yay:) thanx for the update


February 12, 2006

I love the site! Great for keepin' track of your capers. As one of Vince's banjo students, I can most definitely recommend him. Why, I never did think I'd get the hang of that frailin' business, but with Vince as my guide, it's as easy as fallin' off an angry mule.

boom boom

February 12, 2006

very nice site! nice look. easy to use. beeutiful!!!


Jessica Eskelson

February 12, 2006

Hey, I like your site, and thanks for pointing me to it!
I'm glad I saw your calendar...there are so many options to come out and hear you play! See you soon.